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What is CustomToolBelt?

This is a unique product designed by a catastrophe adjuster for use by all that use this unique set of tools, climb a ladder, and estimate repairs for damaged buildings. The "CatManDo" system by CustomToolBelt will be welcomed by the experienced staff adjuster, CAT adjuster, or new trainee. Roofing estimators and restoration contractors also wear this tool belt to promote professionalism, efficiency, and safety, during site inspections and damage assessment appointments.

The CatManDo system includes pouch storage for all the necessary tools: well as pockets to carry your policies, business cards, door hangers, pens and other items you previously wished you could carry with you. The clipboard pouch holds the clipboard and or tablet/iPad  allowing you to collect all the pertinent information in electronic or paper format. The clipboard holds a "tickle list" of items typically damaged in a wind/water/hail repair. Click here to download a copy of the tickle list.