Feet / Inch / Fraction Calculator - Calculated Industries Model 8503-PWB


Feet / Inch / Fraction Calculator - Calculated Industries Model 8503-PWB


Enter feet and inches  Example-   4'  11  3/16" . Very useful in the field.

Get exactly what you need for your projects with instant calculations for Paint, Wallpaper, Tile, Carpet and Concrete.

Save time and money on material requirements. Reduce calculation errors .

It helps you:

  • Calculate material costs
  • Enter measurements just as you say it in feet, inches, fractions, decimal fractions, yards and meters.
  • Convert between all standard math dimensions
  • Works as a standard math calculator with +, -, +/-, ×, ÷, %, π, x2, and √.
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Enter - Feet / Inches/ Fractions and Multiply and Divide

  • Enter feet-inch-fractions without changing to decimals

  • Use it to estimate quantities and costs for paint, concrete, tile, wallpaper and carpet

  • Convert between all standard math dimensions

  • Includes: Easy-to-follow user's guide and 360-degree hinged hard cover door

  • Great for multiplying siding rows times siding height. Such as 4’5/8” x 21 rows = 8’ 5/3/4”

  • Great for onsite reconciliation of roofing squares.

More than just a math calculator, the Home ProjectCalc from Calculated Industries is designed to quickly estimate material amounts and calculate costs by working directly in, and converts between feet, inches, fractions, decimals fractions, yards and meters in both square and cubic formats. The Home ProjectCalc can also solve “reverse” calculations such as, ‘how many square feet will five gallons of paint cover?” making it a suitable tool for insurance adjusters, home inspectors, and home remodelers. At 2.9 x 4.75 x 0.4” and weighing only 3.2oz the Home ProjectCalc is compact, light, and portable. Custom Tool Belts sell all calculators with a full One-Year Limited Warranty, two LR-43 lithium batteries (installed), and handy pocket reference guide.