Chris Miller has been a catastrophe claims adjuster since 1996 and manufacturing belts & accessories since 1999.

The "CatManDo" system by is a great idea. An idea driven by safety, motivated by professionalism. Design is a solution to a problem. Good design solves numerous issues at the same time. The following issues confronted me as a field adjuster

  • How to safely collect damage assessment information on catastrophe or other home homeowner losses. Like other trades adjusters have a set of tools and equipment required to complete a through inspection. Weather it was climbing in an attic, in a burnt out building, on a steep roof, or in a furnished home I needed my hands to be free to talk to the insured and complete my inspection.

  • How to make sure common areas were addressed at each inspection and have clear scope notes when complete. The peril specific "tickle list" scope sheet was my answer.

  • How to have this 'tickle list' and all the other "tools of the trade" at hand but not in hand was a problem. The tool belt was the answer.

The solution to this problem our CatManDo tool belt system. Thousands of adjusters and roof estimators have joined the CustomToolBelt family since 1999.