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This is a unique product designed by a catastrophe adjuster for use by all that use this unique set of tools, climb a ladder, and estimate repairs for damaged buildings. The "CatManDo" system by will be welcomed by the experienced staff adjuster, CAT adjuster, or new trainee. Roofing estimators and restoration contractors also wear this tool belt to promote professionalism, efficiency and safety due site inspections and damage assessment appointments.

The CatManDo systems include pouch storage for all the necessary tools: feet/inch calculator, flashlight, knife, shingle gauge, magnifying glass, magnet, pitch gauge, putty knife, compass, chalk, clipboard, accu-line Disto-Laser and pockets to carry your tape measure, camera, spare film, policies, chalk, business cards, door hangers, pens and other items you previously wished you could carry with you, but never had such a organized system to carry them in. The clipboard includes a "tickle list" of items typically damaged in a wind/water/hail repair. Together the system allows the adjuster or estimator to safely inspect using the proper tools, and to collect pertinent scope information all the while their hands are FREE.


An adjuster has full use of his/her hands while on a ladder or on the roof.

A well-equipped adjuster has all the tools necessary,this means fewer assumptions better estimates. Damage assessment can more easily be reviewed because of the clarity of the 'tickle list'.

Clip Board Pouch -- Interchangeable refills developed for wind/hail, water and interior. The 'tickle list' can be customized for different- perils or locations as necessary.

Waist belt -- Equipment holders can be changed/rearranged to accommodate future adjusters' devices. Adjusters can add their own items to belt. Belt components can be upgraded as new electronic devices become necessary to carry.

Inspection equipment -- have what you need, when and where you need it. Collect and format ALL the data on the first inspection more often. Collect damage assessments in a systematic way, in a common format. Assist in training newer adjusters with good field habits.
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Tool Belt with adjuster set with D8 Disto CatManDo Tool Belt
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